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本文摘要:South Korea has addressed U.S. concerns about letting a Chinese telecommunications company develop the countrys advanced wireless network by agreeing to route sensitive U.S. and South Korean communications over separate networks, U.S. offi


South Korea has addressed U.S. concerns about letting a Chinese telecommunications company develop the countrys advanced wireless network by agreeing to route sensitive U.S. and South Korean communications over separate networks, U.S. officials said.美国官员回应,美国对于韩国自由选择中国电信企业华为技术有限公司(Huawei Technologies Co.)研发其先进设备无线网络所传达的忧虑已取得对此,韩国表示同意通过其他网络传输与美国之间的脆弱通信内容。The quiet U.S. lobbying campaign against Chinas Huawei Technologies Co. in South Korea followed a similar U.S. push to dissuade another close ally--Australia--from using the company in building critical telecommunications networks.美国此前也曾游说另外一个盟友澳大利亚退出让华为修建该国最重要的电信网络。In meetings with their South Korean counterparts in recent months, senior U.S. officials pointed to what Washington sees as a risk that Huaweis equipment could be used for spying on communications among the close partners, as well as compromise secure networks used by American military personnel and intelligence officers in South Korea, U.S. officials said.上述官员称,美国高层官员近期与韩国官员会面时认为,华盛顿担忧华为的设备有可能被用作盗取美国和韩国之间的通信内容,同时有可能严重威胁美国军方和情报人员在韩国用于的安全性网络。

To address these security concerns, South Korea decided to make changes to the project so that sensitive South Korean government communications wont pass through Huawei equipment, said U.S. officials briefed on the discussions.美国官员回应,为对此上述安全性担忧,韩国要求对涉及项目展开调整,韩国政府具备敏感性的通信内容将会用于华为的设备展开传输。Likewise, Huawei gear wont be used or connected to U.S. military bases in South Korea in a move meant to protect American communications, the officials said.这些官员称,华为的设备也会被用作或相连美军在韩国的基点,以确保美国的通信安全。

The Pentagon was concerned the equipment could be used to intercept military-to-military communications and launched a review of how the telecommunications deal would affect U.S. forces in South Korea, officials said.上述官员回应,五角大楼担忧华为的设备有可能被用作撷取军事通信内容,并就韩国与华为的电信交易将对驻韩美军导致怎样的影响展开了一次评估。U.S. officials have sought to air their concerns about Huawei privately with the South Korean government rather than publicly because the Obama administration didnt want to be seen as trying to influence the commercial decisions of a key ally.美国官员企图私下而非公开发表向韩国表达牵涉到华为的忧虑,因为奥巴马政府不期望被视作想影响一个最重要盟国的商业要求。


U.S. officials said the South Korean government had concerns of their own about the implications of using Huawei, prompting the changes.上述官员称,韩国政府对于用于华为的设备也有自己的忧虑,在一定程度上促使了项目调整。While the United States has expressed concerns in the past, these decisions were made by the Republic of Korea and the Republic of Korea alone, said State Department spokeswoman Jennifer Psaki.美国国务院发言人珍妮弗帕莎琪(Jennifer Psaki)回应,虽然美国传达过此类忧虑,但涉及要求由韩国自己做出。South Korean authorities, including the presidential office, the defense ministry, the communications ministry and the nations spy agency, all declined to comment.韩国总统府、国防、通信和情报等部门皆不予置评。

The ministry has little to say about this case because it is not involved in what can be confidential and private business information, said an official handling the issue at the communications ministry.韩国通信部门一名官员回应,该部回应没评论可以公开发表,因为其工作不牵涉到有可能具备保密性的商业信息。The Chinese company has denied U.S. charges and declined to comment on any changes by South Korea to address U.S. and South Korean security concerns.华为坚称了美国的指控。对于韩国方面为萌生美国和本国安全性忧虑而作出的调整,华为不予置评。

Huawei cannot speak to any such seemingly-political arrangements. However, from a technology and network-integrity perspective, Huawei can reaffirm that its gear is globally-deployed, proven and trusted, connecting almost one-third of the worlds population, said William Plummer, vice president of external affairs at Huawei Technologies.华为负责管理对外事务的副总裁普卢默(William Plummer)说道,对于这种看起来出于政治目的的决定,华为不便置评;不过从技术和网络完整性角度来说,华为可以申明其设备是全球化部署且可信可靠的,其网络连接了全球将近三分之一的人口。In 2011, the U.S. excluded Huawei from taking part in the building of a U.S. wireless network for emergency responders, citing national-security concerns.2011年,美国以国家安全性忧虑为由,将华为推开在参予建设美国应急号召器无线网路铺设项目的门外。

In 2012, Australia blocked a Huawei unit from competing for contracts linked to the countrys broadband network.2012年,澳大利亚政府禁令华为旗下的一家子公司参予竞标与该国宽带网络建设有关的合约。U.S. concerns over Huaweis expansion have added to rising tensions with China. U.S. military and intelligence officials have long warned China poses a cyberespionage threat to U.S. defense systems and companies.美国对华为扩展的忧虑给中美紧绷关系火上浇油。美国军事和情报部门官员仍然警告说道,美国国防系统和美国公司面对着来自中国的网络间谍活动威胁。

U.S. officials said the South Korea telecommunications network was of particular concern to Washington because of the presence of U.S. forces there to help defend the country against North Korea.美国官员称,华盛顿尤其注目韩国的电信网络,因为美国在韩国部署了军事力量,协助韩国抵抗来自朝鲜的威胁。U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry visited South Korea on Thursday, seeking to reassure anxious allies in the region worried about North Koreas nuclear program and Chinas growing military clout.美国国务卿克里(John Kerry)周四采访了韩国,企图安抚美国亚洲盟友的忧虑。


朝鲜核项目和中国日益强劲的军事力量令其这些国家忧心忡忡。Mr. Kerry arrived in Beijing on Friday for meetings with Chinese leaders on issues expected to range from North Korea to cybersecurity.克里周五到达北京,将与中国领导人举办会谈,预计将探究朝鲜、网络安全等普遍议题。The U.S.s own aggressive espionage activities have come under increased global scrutiny because of leaks by National Security Agency contractor Edward Snowden.受前美国国家安全局承包商雇员斯诺登(Edward Snowden)泄露事件影响,美国自身积极开展的间谍活动在全球范围内受到了检视。

U.S. officials and lawmakers had said that their concerns centered on plans by South Korea to use Huawei in building the countrys advanced long-term evolution network nationwide.美国官员和国会议员曾回应,他们主要担忧的是韩国计划在全国先进设备的LTE网络建设中使用华为设备。The Chinese government and Huawei say U.S. concerns about the companys activities are unfounded.中国政府和华为称之为,美国对华为活动的顾虑是没根据的。Huawei charges less than many of its global competitors, making it an attractive business choice and complicating the U.S. pitch on national-security grounds.华为的收费比其许多全球竞争对手要较低,从而使它沦为一个具备吸引力的商业自由选择,同时也增大了美国以国家安全性为由去辩称华为的可玩性。

Two U.S. senators, Senate Foreign Relations Committee Chairman Robert Menendez of New Jersey and Senate Intelligence Committee Chairman Dianne Feinstein of California, raised concerns about the South Korean deal in a November letter to Mr. Kerry, Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel and Director of National Intelligence James Clapper.去年11月份,美国参议院外交委员会主席、新泽西州参议员梅嫩德斯(Robert Menendez)和参议院情报委员会主席、加州参议员范斯坦(Dianne Feinstein)公开信致信美国国防部长哈格尔(Chuck Hagel)、国务卿克里及国家情报总监克拉珀(James Clapper),传达对华为参予韩国LTE通信网铺设计划的忧虑。In the letter, the lawmakers said the choice of Huawei to develop and/or supply the Republic of Koreas advanced LTE telecommunications backbone raise serious questions and potential security concerns.他们在信函中称之为,自由选择华为发展并/或为韩国先进设备LTE电信网络的主干网获取设备是个相当严重问题,有可能带给安全隐患。